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Iona Pastrol Centre




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Your Parish Centre

The Heart of the Community


The Iona Centre is the pastoral centre of the parish. The official opening ceremony took place in June 2000, presided over by Bishop Eamonn Walsh.


Since 2000, as the community has grown, so too has the need for the centre.  It is a place of welcome, inclusion and hospitality for all in our community, for those of all faiths and no faith.

Coronavisus - Covid-19 Notice In light of the measures put forward by the Government the Iona Centre will remain closed until the 29th of March. The church will however remain open from 8am to 7pm everyday if any of you would like to come in and say a prayer or light a candle. The Parish Office will remain open as normal. If we can assist anyone, we, the priests of the parish, are available. Thank you again for your understanding at this difficult time.


Since its opening, the Iona Cenre has become the focal point of the parish.  It is a hive of activity from Autumn to Summer with a multitude of courses and activities.


The main purpose of the Centre is to accommodate the meetings and workings of the numerous parish committee and groups, to facilitate appropriate courses/programmes to meet the needs in the area, and to rent out accommodation for external conferences and seminars.


The amenities include: a large Assembly Room, plus a screen and projector. There is a small Assembly Room, Meeting Rooms, and a series of smaller rooms. The larger rooms accommodate groups from 20 to 100 people, with the smaller rooms being more appropriate for counselling sessions and small group meetings. The Centre also has a Quiet Room, particularly suited to the pursuit of activities such as Yoga, Retreats for schools or groups, Meditation, and Spiritual Courses.



We offer a variety of different sized rooms, affording accommodation to people of diverse needs and interests

All enquires welcome


Tel: 03530 1 4943712 or Email: ionaknocklyon@gmail.com or the Manager, Lynda Bradshaw-Dunn at managerionacentre@gmail.com


The Iona Pastoral Centre is situated directly behind Knocklyon Shopping Centre Idrone Avenue,Dublin 16 and beside St Colmcille’s Church.

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