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The Child Safeguarding Polices and Statement for the parish were developed by the Dublin Archdiocese.


The Child Safeguarding Team in St Colmcille's Parish is comprised of Deacon Michael Giblin and Peter Hanrahan. They may be contacted via the parish office located in the Iona Centre, Idrone Avenue, Dublin 16. Tel: 494 1204 Email:


Child Safeguarding Statement


Child Safeguarding Policy





Context & Background 

Webcams in St. Colmcille’s Church, Knocklyon are used to broadcast Mass and other  Liturgies via YouTube on the internet. These recordings are also available to view on  YouTube for a limited period after their initial recording. 


Church Guidelines 

The Irish Bishops Conference and the Dublin Archdiocese have published complementary  guidelines relating to the appropriate use of webcams in a Church.  Essentially, these guidelines suggest their appropriate installation and restricting their  usage to the duration of Mass or other Liturgies. With regards to G.D.P.R., they both  suggest that any camera shots of the congregation should be wide angle and that notices  should be displayed indicating that cameras are in operation in the Church.  They also stipulate that signed parental/guardian consent forms are required for all  children who may be visible on the sanctuary in the course of their ministry. 


Webcam compliance in St. Colmcille’s Church 

We are compliant with both sets of guidelines: 

  • Cameras are appropriately installed, they are only switched on for the duration of  Mass or other Liturgies and transmission can easily be stopped, if required.
  • Signage is prominently displayed on each of the entrance doors to the Church  indicating that cameras are in use. While the signage does not specifically mention  webcams, the usage of cameras within the Church is nevertheless implied.
  •  The congregation are only momentarily visible when receiving Holy Communion via  the main camera, which is a wide-angle, rather than a close-up image.
  • Signed Consent Forms for the children involved in the Junior Choir & Drama Group have been provided to their group leaders. Images of the children on the main camera,  both behind and on  the Sanctuary are also wide-angle and not close up shots. However, it may be prudent to either not use the Ambo camera if the children are in shot behind the Ambo or to ensure the children are seated out of camera shot if the Ambo Camera is to be  used.
  • To be completely compliant with the guidelines, Parish workers (e.g., the Sacristan)  and the clergy may need to sign consent forms. The diocesan guidelines suggest that consent from other ministers engaged in the Liturgies is also advised.

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