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Remember that you have only one soul; that you have only one death to die; that you have only one life. . . . If you do this, there will be many things about which you care nothing.

- St Teresa of Avila

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What I like about experience is that it is such an honest thing. You may take any number of wrong turnings; but keep your eyes open and you will not be allowed to go very far before the warning signs appear. You may have deceived yourself, but experience is not trying to deceive you. The universe rings true wherever you fairly test it.

- C.S. Lewis

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Easter Season

Easter season is a time of hope, there still is fear, there still is a painful awareness of sinfulness, but there also is light breaking through.  Something new is happening, something that goes beyond the changing moods of our life.  We can be joyful or sad, optimistic or pessimistic, tranquil or angry, but the solid stream of God’s presence moves deeper than the small waves of our minds and hearts. Easter brings the awareness that God is present even when

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Lent 6

Prayer and action, can never be seen as contradictory or mutually exclusive. Prayer without action grows into powerless pietism, and action without prayer generates into questionable manipulation.  If prayer leads us into deeper unity with the compassionate Christ, it will always give rise to concrete acts of service.

And if concrete acts of service do indeed lead us to a deeper solidarity with the poor, the hungry, the sick, the dying and the oppressed, they will always give rise to

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Lent 5

Even though Jesus went directly against the human inclination to avoid suffering and death, his followers realised that it was better to live the truth with open eyes than to live their lives in illusion. Suffering and death belong to the narrow road to Jesus.  Jesus does not glorify, them, or call them beautiful, good or something to de desired.  Jesus does not call for heroism or suicidal self-sacrifice.

No, Jesus invites us to look at the reality of our

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Lent 4

Secularity is a way of being dependent on the responses of our milieu. The secular or false self is the self which is fabricated, as Thomas Merton says, by social compulsions. ‘Compulsive’ is indeed the best adjective for the false self. It points to the need for ongoing and increasing affirmation.

Who am I? I am the one who is liked, praised, admired, disliked, hated, or despised . . . The compulsion manifests itself in the lurking fear of failing

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Lent 3

For a christian is only a Christian  when he refuses to allow himself or anyone else to settle into a comfortable rest.  He remains dissatisfied with the status quo. And he believes that he has an essential role to play in the realisation of the new world to come – even if he cannot say how that world will come about.  But the Christian will not despair when he does not see the result he wanted to see.  For in

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Lent 2

The first thing we are called to do when we think of others as our our enemies is to pray for them. This is certainly not easy. It requires discipline to allow those who hate us or those toward whom we have hostile feelings to come into the intimate centre of our hearts. People who make our lives difficult and cause us frustration, pain or even harm are least likely to receive a place in our hearts. Yet every time