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Knocklyon Community Council

The Knocklyon Community Council (KCC) was established in 1981. It is an Authorised Body under the appropriate Local Government Act. Its function is to promote the interests of Knocklyon in all areas of activity i.e. cultural, educational, sporting, recreational and economic. All associations and clubs in Knocklyon are entitled to appoint a member to the council.

The KCC is a voluntary, non-political organisation, governed by an approved constitution. It is supported purely by an annual collection, and by subscriptions from the member clubs and residents associations. Its financial affairs are audited by an independent auditor and published annually.

The Council meets on the first Thursday of each month, in the Community Centre. All local public representatives are invited to attend. This facilitates discussion on matters of current, local interest.

Since its establishment, the Community Council has been involved in the following:

  • Supporting residents in opposing the erection of illegal phone masts in Knocklyon
  • The establishment of the Post Office in Knocklyon
  • The establishment of the Credit Union in Knocklyon
  • The provision of banking facilities in Knocklyon
  • A greatly improved bus service to Knocklyon
  • Supporting the establishment of the Community School in Knocklyon
  • Making grants to sporting and cultural organisations in Knocklyon
  • Examining the weekly Planning Lists and taking action when required
  • Organising Tidy Estate Competitions in Knocklyon
  • Forging relations with South Dublin County Council
  • Meeting with an Garda Siochana to discuss local issues and concerns
  • Liaising with the Local Authorities and Public Utilities
  • Putting Knocklyon on the map

Decisions made by the Community Council can affect all of Knocklyon, so it is very important that all areas are represented. Currently many large estates are not represented, and have no say in the future of the area. Unfortunately some people only come to the KCC when an issue affects their immediate area.

Our present Chairperson is Michael Brennan, who has lived his whole life on the Knocklyon Road. Michael lived on the road when only three houses were present. Michael has seen some changes to the area in his lifetime, but his interest in the growth and future development is unfaltering. One of our former chairpersons was Dr Vincent Kenny, who fought tirelessly for the Community School for a long number of years.

There are always live issues to be dealt with at the KCC. Public Transport is a very important issue. The KCC is in discussion with Dublin Bus to try and improve the Frequency of the No 15 at key times. Too often it is full before reaching the bottom of the Knocklyon Road. The Realignment of the Knocklyon Road which has been on the Drawing board for over twenty years is another example of work which the KCC get involved in.

The KCC needs new “Blood“ to carry on the work that has been going on for the last 24 years. We would urge residents to form associations and send a rep. to our monthly meetings. No qualifications are necessary – just an interest in the future of Knocklyon for yourself and your children.

The Committee
Knocklyon Community Council


Planning for the Future……….

We are endeavouring to take on a major project in the coming months – to develop a strategy for the next few years. In this project we are asking people with an interest in any aspect of life in Knocklyon to come forward and put some input into developing this strategy. We all know that the politicians will come to our doors in the coming eighteen months, so hopefully we can have a definite picture of the way in which we would like to see our area develop.

The areas covered in our strategy will be:

  • Future development in Knocklyon and the surrounding areas.
  • Infrastructure – i.e. roads, public transport, etc. no sign of anything for Knocklyon in Transport 21
  • Education – Continued investment in existing schools and the need for further schools as the building of new homes continues.
  • Health requirements for the changing population. A health centre should be located in the area.
  • Sports facilities – Continual support for existing clubs and looking towards the future.
  • Policing – Is there adequate policing for this ever expanding area?
  • Parks and open spaces.
  • Halting Sites.
  • The provision of an “out-reach centre” in the area.

These are some of the issues that come to mind but we really do need help to put this project together in a very defined and professional manner. This is not alone for the good of the people living in Knocklyon now, but also for those in years to come. Do we want to see more estates being built where it takes an hour just to get out?

So do please come along to our meeting, on the first Thursday of each month, in the Community centre.

The Knocklyon Community Council would like to thank everyone who has helped them during the year, and wish all the residents in Knocklyon a very happy Christmas and New Year.



The Community Garda, Ciaran O’Neill, gave the following advice at a recent KCC meeting:

  • Bring car keys and valuables upstairs at night
  • Use your burglar alarm – especially at night
  • Downstairs windows and patio doors are the easiest access points for burglars – close and lock them when you are going out
  • It only takes 10 minutes to ransack a house
  • Report all intruders – even in your garden – ASAP
  • Report all crimes and suspicious behaviour