Faith Insights

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The Jesse Tree

We all know what a Family Tree is. It is where we trace back our ancestors and our family history. It is from our family that we first come to know who we are:

  • it is from and within our family that we learn and know what love is
  • it is from within the family that we find a home



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Why confess to a Priest?

An American teacher who has charge of religious education in a primary school told me the other day that she had been preparing children for First Confession. She thought she had done a good job until one eight-year old asked, ‘Why do I have to say, “First Confession?” Do I have to go through this again?

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The Easter Triduum

During the Sacred Triduum (from the Latin ‘three days’), we come together to celebrate the heart of our faith – the Death, Burial and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have spent the past six weeks preparing to celebrate this great feast of feasts. We have reflected on our personal failures to follow Christ in our thoughts, our words and our deeds.

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The Advent Wreath

The most important things we do we do them symbolically. Symbols help us to move into the spirit of worship—they allow the presence of God to come

There are lots of symbols at this time of year; Christmas trees, cards, holly, ivy, mistletoe, presents, etc. Advent has its own symbol, the Advent wreath. Light is the most powerful symbol of the Advent season.

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The Eucharist

There is one ceremony which more than any other separates the Catholic and Orthodox Churches from all other ecclesial communities, and that is the celebration of the Eucharist. In the Catholic Church it is commonly referred to as ‘The Mass,’ while in Orthodoxy it is also known as ‘The Divine Liturgy.’

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Questions of Faith?

Have you ever how noticed how at times our faith, our belief in God, is strong and unwavering; God seems near, we can sense His presence and love in our life. Yet at other times our belief seems to wobble and we find ourselves questioning God’s existence.

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The Christmas Crib

There are many ways of looking at Christmas, just as there are several perspectives within which we can view Mary and her Child. Even in the New Testament we find four different accounts of the Incarnation, the central mystery of our faith.

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St. Valentine

St Valentine presents the interesting case of being a familiar name to a large part of the world’s population through the appropriation of his feast by those in love. No one really knows how the tradition that surrounds St. Valentine’s Day started or for that matter to how to disentangle the facts from the traditional legends.

The early editions of the Roman Martyrology records “at Rome, on the Via Flaminia, the birthday of St Valentine, Priest and martyr, who after