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Who is a happy person?

“One who has no resources and no hopes, and doesn’t desire any!”

From time immemorial, saints and gurus and spiritual masters, across the boundaries of religion and culture, have insisted on this same truth. Detachment is the secret of happiness. Blessed, happy are the poor. The love of money is the root of all evil. Give and you will receive. (Give, that is, your goods, your time, your talents and you will make room for what alone can satisfy – freedom and inner peace.)

None of this detachment stems from negativity or from a pessimistic approach to the world we live in. On the contrary, good things are to be enjoyed. But never to be grasped with sticky fingers! Embrace everything, but cling to nothing! To be, at all times, able to let go of talents and things, of energy and people, of life itself, this is to know peace, both here and hereafter.

The Gospel sees the world as dangerously seductive. Prosperity needs to be greeted with caution. It easily fosters acquisitive attitudes. We seek satisfaction where it cannot be found. We cultivate distraction. We go shopping for an extra something, either to relieve boredom or to give us a bit of a lift; but the lift never lasts and so we must go again! It all seems very harmless, but little by little, we are adding stone to stone until we have built a pile of lifeless rubble that blocks both our spiritual vision, and the light of eternity.

Let go and let God! (Stay awhile with the phrase if you will……………)