More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.

The power of prayer is really tremendous. To be sure of an answer, there is no need to recite from a book a formula composed for the occasion. If there were, I should have to be pitied.

For me, prayer is an upward leap of the heart, an untroubled glance towards heaven, a cry of gratitude and love which I utter from the depths of sorrow as well as from the heights of joy.
St Thérèse of Lisieux – The Story of a Soul

The power of prayer doesn’t depend on the virtue of the one who prays, but on the unchanging love of the One who hears.
The Word for Today

I find everything in prayer,
which is for me fragrance and food,
a home, a shield, a tonic.

I recall the seasons of my prayer:
the moments I cry out in despair,
the days of glad thanksgiving,
the times of stillness,

And I recite a prayer or song or poem
that I have come to love,
that I wish to have beside me all through life
and shall want my lips to say when I am dying.
Anthony de Mello – Wellsprings

Prayer is openness to the love of God. Prayer implies exposing oneself to radically new thinking. Prayer is expressed more in abiding dispositions than in ritual recitations or exercises. Only if this is understood can we possibly and positively live out the inspired directive that “we should pray without ceasing”.
David Weakliam, O Carm

Prayer is the movement of the Holy Spirit in the human heart through which God reaches out and embraces human beings. It is a duet of love in which the action of the Spirit inspires and sustains us in the darkness of faith.
The Glenstal Book of Prayer