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During the week the Catholic bishops continued their discussion on promoting and protecting unborn human life in the context of the Irish Government?s intention to legislate for abortion.? The bishops remain deeply concerned about any intention to legislate for abortion in this country.
They pointed out that “abortion is the direct and intentional destruction of an unborn baby and is gravely immoral in all circumstances; this is different from medical treatments which do not directly and intentionally seek to end the life of the unborn baby.? The 2010 judgement of the European Court of Human Rights can be satisfied by appropriate guidelines clarifying existing best practice in our hospitals”.
Life is Precious

Life is Precious

They noted the?international experience which shows that legislative attempts to restrict abortion do not work.? Once abortion becomes permissible in a country, any limits to its availability become eroded over time.
They stated:- “we have always held, with many others, that the judgment of the Supreme Court in the 1992 ?X Case? is not a basis on which to move forward on this critical issue.? In that judgment, the Court unilaterally overturned the pro-life intention and the will of the people in the 1983 referendum.? It heard no psychiatric evidence.? It implied that abortion was an answer to suicidal ideation, whereas current research indicates that suicidal ideation rarely relates to a single cause and that abortion itself can lead to suicidal ideation and mental health difficulties”. Concern was also raised about the potential effect of abortion legislation in Ireland on medical workers ? midwives, nurses, doctors and consultants ? who wish to conscientiously object to being party to abortion in any circumstances. The Catholic Church ? along with many other religious and ethical traditions, and human rights groups ? believes in upholding the equal and inalienable right to life of a mother and her unborn child in our laws and medical practice.? This is a position that should continue to be cherished and strengthened in the interests of mothers and unborn children in our country. Everyone committed to protecting unborn human life can view the personal testimonies, liturgical resources and pray the Prayer for the Child in the Womb on www.chooselife2013.ie
PLC calls Government?s decision on abortion ?highly objectionable? for ignoring the evidence from the Oireachtas hearings
Responding to reports that the Government has told the Council of Europe that it will enact legislation for the X case before the end of July, Dr Ruth Cullen of the Pro Life Campaign said: ??The Government?s plan to press ahead with legislation for the X case is highly objectionable since the argument that abortion is a treatment for suicidal ideation was completely undermined by the expert psychiatric evidence at the recent Oireachtas hearings on the issue. Far from helping women, abortion increases the risk of future mental health problems for a significant number of women. It is a disgrace how senior members of the Government are choosing to ignore this reality”. ?It is also unacceptable the way the Government is acting as though it is obliged to introduce abortion on foot of the European court decision in A, B and C v. Ireland. The ECHR called on Ireland to clarify its position regarding treatment of women in pregnancy. It did not compel us to introduce abortion as members of government continue to imply”. ?The Pro Life Campaign will intensify its campaign in the coming weeks to present to the public the true reality of what X case legislation would mean in practice.?