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June 2011

Greetings and best wishes for Easter!

I hope this message finds you and yours well as Spring emerges in the West. Our poor old world is badly in need of Easter hope and joy. Ongoing economic uncertainty in the West plus the popular uprisings in Africa and the Middle East, not to mention nuclear fallout in Japan.

NATO management of the war in Libya is anything but convincing. It could go on for months.

Here, we are on the cusp of the dry/cold season. There is uncertainty regarding the elections. Armed soldiers roam the streets as the country celebrates Independence on April 18th.The physical presence of the army is a show of strength and a reminder of who is in charge. However, the recent popular uprisings in other places and the strong speech of Hilary Clinton after the removal of the ex leader in Ivory Coast should send warning signs to all tyrants and dictators, that their reigns could be short lived.

When such events happen, I?m reminded of Poet Laureate, Seamus Heaney?s lines in The Cure at Troy : ?Once in a lifetime / The longed-for tidal wave / Of justice can rise up / And hope and history rhyme.?

Or Kennelly:

Though we live in a world that dreams of ending that always seems about to give in something that will not acknowledge conclusion insists that we forever begin.
That is also the message of Easter.
Thank God, I?m feeling great, having lost about 3kgs in recent times. My aim is to lose a further 3kgs between now and mid July and face my GP with confidence in a slimmed down condition.
Wishing you and yours the peace and joy of the Risen Lord.

Love and best wishes to all.