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13th May 2010

Many thanks for your message and the news that the farmers have the last of the lambs ready for sale.

We got news on Thursday last that the father, of the young lady who had graduated recently, had died suddenly. He had done the translation for me at the Mass of thanksgiving for her graduation on the previous Saturday. He was a primary school teacher in St. Joseph’s and had been on sick leave for sometime. The funeral Mass was at his home in Vengere on Thursday evening. The body was then taken to Gurure his home rural area. It is a custom here for people to return to their area of origin to be buried. A big shock for all the family.

Monday this week brought the news of Fr.Mulcahy’s death R.I.P.The oldest Carmelite in Ireland and a revered character.We offered Mass for him at the Priory on Tuesday morning.

The week end was busy. At long last we had the blessing of the church at Nzvimbe.

The building was well advanced when I had to leave hurriedly in June 2008 during the violent election campaign. After returning in September 2009, it took some time to settle in and pick up where I had left off. There was building and painting work to be done at St.Simon’s for the ordination of two Carmelites and painting at St.Joseph’s for the Confirmations in October. The floor, ramp and Blair toilets at Nzvimbe were completed in due course. Transport of cement on the dirt roads during the rainy season is a major problem.Saturday, May 8th, was blessing day.

Two open trucks and two pick up trucks left Rusape at 9.00am with about one hundred people from St.Simon’s and St. Joseph’s on board. Conditions were ideal. Clear clue sky with temperature about 20C. The 80km journey took about two hours as we navigated the uneven dirt roads.Parishioners from a local outstation, St. Anthony of Padua, arrived either by foot or the elders on a pickup truck.

The ceremony began at midday with all the people assembled outside, facing the church entrance. Bishop Muchabaiwa led the prayers, followed by the blessing of the outside of the church, then the interior when the entire congregation entered.

The church, 25x15meters, was full. The combined choirs were in great voice. A beautiful celebration of the Eucharist. I offered Mass for all who had contributed in any way to the construction and completion of this sturdy building over the past five to six years.


RusapeThe locals provided food,sadza(ground maize) and mashona chicken, for the entire congregation.Mashona chicken are free range in contrast to broilers.The people who travelled with us from Rusape for the ceremony could not believe that we would go so far,160km round trip, to celebrate Mass on a monthly basis.

We were on the journey back to Rusape by 3.30pm with grateful hearts for all that has been achieved.

I had to cover much of the same journey on Sunday as I went to celebrate Eucharist at Fatima outstation.

The local news on TV is very parochial.Much time is given to what the Zanu politicians have to say. Road accidents are another daily feature. During the close of Holy Week and the end of Easier Week over one hundred people died on the roads. As I returned from Mutare on Tuesday p.m. there was debris near the junction of the Nyanga Road exit at the beginning of Christmas Pass. I learnt later on the news that a speeding bus had run into a parked truck on a wide and straight patch of road. Five people were killed and thirty eight injured.On Wednesday 12th, one of our elderly priests, Fr.Toner, was driving on Seke Road, near Hatfield. Harare when his side of the car was struck by a small commuter bus.He has five broken ribs and is unconscious at the time of writing. It seems that he was attempting a U turn on a major road.

Love and best wishes to all.