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30th April 2010

Unseasonable weather seems to be the pattern here.

It was good talking to the folks in Ballinlig on Sunday and hearing that some of the lambs were ready for sale and the cattle were being let out to pasture.

On Friday last, there was heavy rain in the late afternoon accompanied by strong winds. The temperature dropped. Saturday was similar with rain without wind. I had a memorial Mass out at a family home in Tsanzaguru. The table was set up on the verandah at the front of the house.However, as the rain increased, we had to move inside.The living room was crowded as well as the adjoining rooms. We got through and left immediately after Mass.As usual, the women were cooking the meal out of doors during Mass.

RusapeSunday was dry but very cold. The temperature in the quadrangle was at 20C but the harsh cold wind was biting. I had Mass at St. Joseph’s. The people were slow in coming. Many of the women had gone to Mutare by bus for a confraternity meeting at St.Joseph’s Sakuva. About a thousand gathered from the missions and out stations from Friday p.m. until Sunday morning. They love those gatherings as it is one of the few opportunities when they get away for a weekend.I had an easy weekend.

I went to Mutare on Sunday afternoon in time to watch Chelsea demolish the opposition in the English Soccer Premiership.My truck was booked in for a ten thousand km service on Monday morning. The cost $325.00US. Inflation is running high.

Monday was ideal for golf. The first time since last September that I did not use sun block.The ground was easy on the feet after the rain and the fairways and rough had been cut.Tees and greens were also in good condition. My first nine holes were good.

Following the Icelandic ash, Europe is now in crisis with the Greek economy in freefall. One wonders where it will end. We had our last committee meeting on the Child Protection Document on Tuesday. Thank God, our work is done. A meeting of all the clergy in the Diocese will be held on May 11th to finalise the document. It will them be printed and reviewed after a year.

We have reached saturation point on the coverage of the British election on SKY TV. The media are promoting the debates by the three leaders as if they were the best TV in the world.The result may be a hung parliament with no party getting an overall majority.

Love and best wishes to all.