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21st April 2010


How lucky you are not to be travelling at this time of ash!

Last week went quickly as I spent Tuesday working with the committee on the Child Protection Document. I picked up a chest cold which was reluctant to let go but which lowered the energy level.Class with the prenovices on Wed. was leisurely as two of them were away on a church music course. We finished the morning by collecting a load of fire wood from the Carmelite Sisters Novitiate for the Sisters in Rusape.With the onset of the cold season, a fire will be necessary in the near future.We are at the end of the rainy/hot season. We had an inch of rain today, Tuesday, 20th. The days are shortening, with light from 6.00am until 6.00pm.

The weekend also was leisurely as I had no outstation on Saturday and only Mass at St..Simon’s on Sunday, which was Independence Day. I took the opportunity to quote from the Mugabe’s speech of thirty years ago” The wrongs of the past must stand forgiven and forgotten. The people of Zimbabwe should strive to adapt themselves intellectually and spiritually to the reality of political change and relate to each other as brothers bound to one another by a bond of national comradeship.”The opposite has been the experience of the people. Almost twenty thousand were put to death in Matebeleland during the period after Independence, 1980.The Fifth Brigade, as it was called , were trained by the North Korean Communists.

This time he was back to his usual self of denouncing the US, Europe and of course his old enemy, Britain. Nothing changes. The blaming game is alive and well. Not much to celebrate after thirty years of destructive government policies. Recovery seems even further away than in the developed world.

There was a gathering of Cana/Charismatics groups at the Emmaus Spiritual Centre,Rusape. It is difficult to distinguish one from the other.They had sessions from Friday until Sunday p.m.. Monday was a bank Holiday for Independence.

Love and best wishes.