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15th April 2010


Thanks for message and the prayers.Glad to hear that all went well at Lourdes and that the farmers have spread the fertilizer. The rise in temperature and the rains should boost growth after a late start.

The relaxed and enjoyable days in Harare were followed by a busy weekend. We drove from Harare to Rusape on Thursday am. Friday I was on my way to Nzvmbe. It was good to see the locals had completed the cement floor of the church and built a nice ramp at the entrance. The Blair toilet was half built. It is a dry toilet with a chimney which is closed at the top. Any flies that go into the toilet usually go up the chimney and get trapped. This prevents many infections. There were four toddlers for Baptism. A lot of driving in two days;two hundred kms from Harare to Rusape,160km to Nzvimbe and back. Half of the latter on dirt road. Even though I was tired, I stayed up to view Leinster defeat Claremont in the Heineken Cup Rugby game, 29-28. It was a very physical encounter.

There was no public water supply last week and no electricity from 6.00am until 10.30pm on Friday. I went to the Carmelite Sisters farm to collect twenty containers of spring water on Saturday morning. Ziweya is an outstation about 20km out of town.The locals were slow in coming. The paper work for baptisms, e.g. date of birth, parents’ names were not written up. I had to postpone the baptisms until the next visit. When I returned to St.Simon’s there were two Marymount sisters waiting for me. The gear box in their truck had collapsed. They needed a lift to Mutare. We had a quick lunch and set out on the 220kms round trip.More driving! 100km=60miles.

More rugby on Saturday pm. Munster played Northhampton at home in Limerick. It was a great game with the home side winning comfortably in the end.

I had a double header on Sunday.I had celebrated group baptisms in St. Joseph’s at the Easter Vigil. The homily was on the readings of the Sunday. My second stop was Tsanzaguru about 25km. There were twenty five for baptism, the oldest a 53 year old man down to a baby. The paper work was well done. A homily on baptism on this occasion. It was after 2.00pm when I returned.The rain poured down as I drove to Mutare in mid afternoon.

The golf course was sodden after the heavy rains. I reverted to some of my bad habits of driving into the rough. On reflection, I think I was tired after all the driving of the previous weekend. I had also picked up a bit of a chest cold.The temperature changes rapidly from high twenties to low teens after the heavy rains.I stayed on in Mutare to work with the committee on the document “Child Protection Policy”.

Love and best wishes.