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12th January 2010

Greetings from hot and dry Mutare/Rusape! The ongoing heat is a cause of major concern as there has been no significant rain for over two weeks. It is almost at critical point for the maize crop. You may have noticed in my last message that I had Sunday down as Jan 6th, where in fact it was Jan 3rd. The celebration of the Epiphany on the Sunday confused me as we use the liturgical calendar for the rest of the week both for Mass and Prayer of the Church with our starting point as Jan 6th. A lapse of memory! You certainly got your share of severe weather. You will be glad to se the end of the cold spell and safer driving conditions. Having gone to Mutare for the profession of the Carmelite Sisters on Wed.Jan 6th, the week went very quickly. I had an easy weekend as a memorial Mass for Saturday was canceled. I had only one Mass on Sunday at St. Simon’s. Fr Andrew is back from his annual holiday. With three of us the week end work load is light. I took the opportunity to do some reading and prepare new material for classes with the prenovices at Kriste Mambo. It is good to do something fresh. Golf on Monday was less than satisfactory. A good start on the first two holes and then the wheels came off. Bogey followed by bogey. However, It is always good to get out with the brethren. The heat was intense at times. Two of us bring flasks of iced water. Approaching the 17th tee I asked my caddie for the flask. It was almost empty. I thought the cook may not have tightened the cap properly. Then the caddie said “Baba, I used the water to wet the towel for cleaning the balls”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We had a good laugh. I kept Mary Cleary’s Christmas cake to finish off the Christmas season on Sunday, the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Like keeping the good wine until last. It was delicious. When I came to the Priory on Sunday PM, I found that radio broadband had been installed. The technician adjusted my lap top on Monday am. It is a marvelous facility. One can send or receive messages from any part of the house, without having to dial any numbers. I’m writing this from the Priory, Mutare. Fr Desmond brought Ambrose to Mutare Hospital outpatients early this Tuesday morning for his first check up with the surgeon. He was first in but was not seen by the doctor until 12.30. He had to have the stitches out but the whole process is very slow. I’m waiting to go back to the hospital at 3.00pm. Hopefully, he will be ready for the trip home. In the introduction to my long Christmas letter, I stated that political violence had decreased.However, take over of farms is ongoing. Three local white farmers, in the Rusape area, were dispossessed in December. One family were forced out by young political thugs on Christmas Eve. Love and best wishes to all.