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5th November 2009

Greetings from Rusape The feasts of all Saints and All Souls were combined at the weekend. We had a hybrid liturgy with the prayers for the dead and the readings from the saints. The Diocese recommends that the feast of All Souls be celebrated on a Sunday. Traditional religion places great emphasis on the ancestors or their spirits. Some would go as far as to say that about 50% of Catholics believe in the power of the ancestors for good or evil. It is very deep-rooted in the culture. In southern Italy there was something similar. In the country areas, if some tragedy happened, people would say “Someone put the (mal occhio) the evil eye on them”. We had Eucharist at 8.00am in the local graveyard, called Silverbowl. The people from St. Simon’s and St. Joseph’s walked to the graveyard. The pilgrim church was very much in evidence.Trucks were used to carry the benches, altar etc to the place. There was a carpet of brown crisp leaves underfoot, while the trees were almost covered with fresh green buds. Death and new life were evident in the world of nature. A Christian theme in the setting. Golf on Monday was enjoyable as there was a good breeze. Frustration – no email access at the Priory over the weekend. I have written a letter of complaint to Zol. Not expecting a great change in service but at least they know my thoughts and feelings. The electricity supply is erratic.The reason given is that the turbines at Kariba Dam are being serviced. Cuts in the past were due to the fact that the Government had not paid South Africa or Mozambique for the supply. Wed. am I took the prenovices for class and went to Claremont in the early afternoon with Fr.Horan for eighteen holes in very pleasant conditions. After Mass at the Carmelite sisters farm on Thursday morning, I took in almost two hundred litres of spring(borehole) water for our domestic use. Lifting 20 litres is ok but 25 litres is beyond me. This is a weekly chore. No sign of rain even if the crickets are still singing. Love and best wishes.