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1st November 2009

Greetings and best wishes from Rusape! After a hectic day on Oct.24th, with the two ordinations, it was back to basics on Sunday. The choir and congregation were in full voice at 8.00am Mass. I went to Padua, an hours drive, for the second Mass. It is the hottest place we have. With a full church it was boiling. In former times, we got basics like sugar, tea, rice, soap and candles in the offertory collection. Now we get a lot of boxes of matches and a few American dollars. I made my way to Mutare on Sunday pm. With plenty of fuel available, there is an increase in the volume of traffic. I got a bit of a scare over the weekend. A blur, about the size of an insect, appeared in my right eye. It kept moving rapidly. I decided to go to Harare to have it inspected. However, on Monday, I celebrated Eucharist with the Franciscan Sisters. They recommended a Sudanese specialist in Mutare. I made an appointment with him for Tuesday morning. Played nine holes of golf on my own on Monday and the second nine with one of my confreres. An enjoyable outing. Just as we finished the sky darkened, rain accompanied by thunder and lightening came quickly and lasted for over an hour. The lilac jacaranda blossoms, similar to the cherry blossoms at home, shed much of their beauty.They form a nice contrast to the green buds of the trees. By Tuesday the blur has disappeared but I went to the eye specialist. The retina was flat and in place. It seems there was a small leak of fluid which caused the problem. Nothing to worry about but be careful not to have a fall. Fr. Tom O’Halloran from Killaloe Diocese came out for the ordination. He had encouraged Joseph to join the Carmelites when he worked here for six years as a missionary. I took him to Rusape for lunch on Tuesday and on to Harare in the afternoon. Made my way back to Rusape on Wed. and took the prenovices for class on Thursday. Thursday was hot and humid. We had heavy rain for about an hour in the evening. On Wed night we were up late watching Arsenal play Liverpool. The crickets were singing merrily. A sign that rain was on the way. As it was the fifth Friday and Saturday we had an easy lead into the weekend. We usually do memorial masses on such days. I had one at 8.00am followed by the funeral of a Carmelite sister in Triashill at 1.00pm. She was only forty three and had suffered much with leukaemia. No water, electricity or DSTV for the weekend. Love and best wishes.